Spring Adventure List

Spring Adventure List

February 25, 2016

Spring cleaning list are boring. Why not a spring adventure list? Its time to start thinking about what adventures you will go on this spring. Spring starts in under a week. Midterms are approaching for some of you along with opportunities for memories of a lifetime. Let’s do something fun.

There are many ways that you can make a spring list. The first step is actually making it. Whether it be 1 or 100 things that you want to do, don’t allow reality stop you from doing the things you want to do. Don’t settle for “realistic,” realistic is boring. We are not investing in stocks, we are investing in memories.

Now…do you have something to write with? Good. Grab a piece of paper or find your notes on your phone or computer. Write down the first thing you have always wanted to do that you have shrugged off in the past. Awesome! Now… write something that has recently crossed your mind as a goal or something you want to start doing. This next part is easy.

Stretch your fingers for this one. Clear your mind. AS FAST AS YOU CAN because every thought counts, write down in 30 seconds all the things you have ever wanted to do. Now, do NOT re-write it any nicer in case you scribbled or messed up. The little mistakes that you might have just made will be a reminder everyday of the time you created this list. Now save this list, post it on your door, or fridge, or laptop, or even post it on the top of your toilet seat.

Read it, think it, live it. This is your Spring Adventure List and we look forward to you starting and finishing it. Don’t allow yourself to say that something is impossible because you can make it possible. You have more than 3 months. Every 10 seconds of writing could be 1 month of adventure. So those 30 seconds you just spent on your Spring Adventure List can translate to 3 months of memories. It does not matter how you go about your list, but we want to inspire you to do the things you love to do and the things that make you happy. 

Share the Adventure List with friends and family. Even complete strangers. Lets make a difference worldwide and thank you for being apart of the BKR Crew.

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