The BEST Vlogging Setup in 2018

The BEST Vlogging Setup in 2018

June 18, 2018

You know what I hate more than boiling hot dogs and later discovering I don’t have any buns or condiments for them..? When someone gives advice about a vlog setup, but they don’t actually vlog. And trust me, hot dogs are like my favorite food.

I have been vlogging full-time for over a year now and worked with practically every setup on the market. And this particular setup is the BEST for many reasons that I will explain throughout this blog.

I remember when I wanted to get into vlogging and would research things like “The best vlog cameras of 2017” or “What is the best vlogging setup?” And after being “sold” on a particular vlog setup, I come to find out these tech gurus haven’t vlogged a day in their life. They just know the “specs” of the gear itself.

And the thing about buying camera gear.. it’s not refundable or exchangeable most of the time. Once you buy one, you're pretty much locked-in. And trust me, you don’t want to get stuck with the wrong one. 

So NO BULLS**T. Today, we are covering what is the BEST vlogging setup of 2018 so you can get out there and start vlogging.

What makes the perfect vlog setup? In my book. It needs to excel in all 3 of the following categories.

  1. Weight/Size: You're going to bring this thing everywhere. AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE. I literally nicknamed my vlog setup “my girlfriend” because of this. I’m not saying I need to date a light and petite gal, but if I had to date and carry my girlfriend everywhere I go, well… I would hope she’s light and petite.
  2. Price: You want something that’s professional but not too professional. Let’s use my girlfriend analogy again. Imagine I spent $5000 on my girlfriend (vlog setup). Than one week later my girlfriend leaves me (she got stolen.) Yes, we had some good memories (vlogs you shot) together, but now she’s gone... forever. Compared to spending $2,000…I could have spent that money on 2 girlfriends for that price. I mean… if that’s your thing. The point is; you will be bringing this thing everywhere. Chances of your gear getting stolen or broken is much higher, compared to people who only do “professional gigs.”
  3. Functionality: Their are 3 main functions I look for in a vlog setup.

First being, autofocus. AUTOFOCUS is KING in the vlog world. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people film a vlog, just to find out that they were out of focus the whole time. Ultimately, having to reshoot the whole thing. Remember you're going to be running and gunning when you vlog. Most of the time you don’t have the opportunity to shoot something twice. So get it on the first shot.

The second main function is sound. Your audience doesn’t want to turn their volume up and down all of the time just so they can hear what you're saying. Your sound also has to perform well in wind. Sometimes it’s so windy that your microphone won’t even pickup what your saying.

Thirdly... picture quality. This is a obvious one; but you want a high quality image. Especially with people watching Youtube on Smart TV’s now days.  

Now that you know what you are looking for in the BEST Vlog Setup... These are the 6 things you will need to purchase for it.

  1. Camera
  2. Lense
  3. Microphone
  4. Tripod
  5. Memory Card
  6. Extra Batteries

So what is THE BEST VLOGGING SETUP of 2018?

1. The Camera 

The Sony A6500 ($200 off)

This camera is the perfect camera to vlog with. It’s light, has a godly autofocus system, and best of all… it doesn’t break the bank. Besides just vlogging... I have shot everything from music videos, tv commercials, documentaries, professional photos, etc. on this thing. It's a beast. 

2. The Lense

The Sony 18-135mm

The Sony 18-135mm bundled with Sony A6500

This lense recently came out and I feel like they made it specifically for us vloggers. It's absolutely perfect. It's light, compact, and has the manual zoom function that the Sony 18-105 lacks. And YOU NEED the option to quickly zoom in and out as a vlogger. Even better... right now you can SAVE an EXTRA $100  if you bundle it with the Sony A6500 today. 

 3. The Microphone

The Rode Video Mic Pro with DeadCat

My favorite thing about this mic is the fact that it doesn't rely on your cameras battery to power it. It runs merely on a single 9V battery. I've owned the Rode Video Mic Go and countless other mics, but I always comeback to this one. The option to adjust your audio from -10db to 0db to +20db comes in handy a lot more than you might think. With the deadcat equipped on the mic itself, I have been able to record vlogs in windy situations no problem.

 4. The Bendy Tripod

JOBY GorillaPod 3K Kit

One of the most essential pieces to every vloggers setup is the "bendy tripod."  Without a doubt you'll need to buy this. It's the most versatile piece of equipment I have ever worked with. Apart from holding the tripod in your hand to vlog yourself talking to the camera, you can practically setup your camera anywhere and vlog hands-free with this thing equipped.

 5. The Memory Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC 

There are many memory cards from you to choose from on the market. The best one I have come by is the Sandisk Extreme 128gb. With this much space, you can go out all day without having to worry about running out of memory. I have gone through over 6 memory cards in the past year due to my recklessness with camera gear. Thanks to Sandisk for being the Bomb Dot Com, they will replace your memory cards for free. As long as you're within the warranty period.

 6. The Batteries

NP-FW50 Camera Battery Charger Set

Please, please, please buy extra batteries whatever you do. I personally own 8 batteries. You don't need that many. But you at-least want 2 extra batteries in your arsenal. The worst thing is when your camera dies. Once that happens, no more vlog. And it sucks waiting for your batteries to charge during a shoot.

This is NO BULLS**T the BEST bang for your buck vlogging setup money can buy. It's professional enough where you can shoot and get paid for any professional gig along with being budget friendly enough where it won't break the bank. 

I can't wait to see what you create with it!



  BKR is a social media influencer who has grown his Youtube channel to over 80,000 Subscribers in under 1 Year. He is known for his collaborations with Logan Paul and lifestyle vlogs in Hawaii. He's the owner of BKR Crew, a creative marketing agency based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Some of BKR's recent projects include the Island Music Awards, the My Wife music video for Fiji the artist and the 38 minute's documentary. 


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