4 Days of Sales

November 29, 2014

Black Friday - Small Business Saturday - Perpetual Youth Day - Cyber Monday

My goal is to get BKR's message recognized on a global scale. There is nothing more important to me than making a difference in this world and helping others do so as well. When you put on BKR Blueprints, your responsibility to live up to our message is activated.

I am not in this business for the money. Yes, my goal is to have a family and support them one day, but more importantly I want to help make this world a better place for the future generations, such as my future family and their families. The youth is our worlds future. It lies in their hands.

Im am not one to judge other companies and how they go about their business. Although my intentions are to do things differently, compared to what some other brands, music, ect. might market to people. I want to only market positive outcomes to our youth. The more and more we mentor the youth to be the best they can be and create their legacy, the more likely they will create a positive impact in our world.

Leaving a Legacy is a powerful thing. The BKR Crew wants to spread the message to EVERYONE, to leave this world with a legacy and make a difference doing it. Being apart of this Crew/Family, your are part of something that will be recognized worldwide ,while making a change on a global scale . I humbly ask, Join our Crew and help us spread our message worldwide.

For 3 more days we are running a sale for the sole purpose in getting our message spread across in every community. As of right now, all our Blueprints are on sale at our lowest price ever. Please do take advantage of this offer if you have the chance and spread the message in your community.


Happy Holidays



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