My Story

For me, it took almost dying, to appreciate my purpose of living. I was held hostage at gun point and shot at twice, while limping along with a recently operated left-foot. I published the blog the following day, ( and it ended up going viral. And by viral, I’m talking millions of people. It didn’t go viral because it was just another cool story to read. It went viral because it was real and it was something everyone could relate to. Not everyone gets held hostage, but everyone one day, will face death. Whether it be on a hospital bed with family in the room, or more uncommonly, staring in the eyes of a complete stranger, who held a 9mm and a .38 caliber gun, just inches from my head.

There were 3 moments I will never forget on that day.

The first was after the second shot was fired…AT MY HEAD. It was the only time I felt absolutely helpless. After that shot…I thought I died. I was no longer present. Gone.

My second moment is the moment I realized I wasn’t dead. ‘Holy shit, it’s my turn.’ Now or never…total fight or flight moment. I chose to fight. And I escaped. I’m alive…

My third moment and the most precious moment to me, was while riding back to town, I snapped back to reality, finally…realizing that I was given another chance at life. My eyes took in the most vivid, almost neon orange colors, of the sunset right in front of me. It was like no other setting I had ever seen before. A detail-painted sky of hope, relief, and immense gratitude. I will NEVER forget it. It was the moment of feeling alive. A second chance to live my life, and tell my story.

It’s ironic that my story emulates my brand, BKR Crew, and what I envisioned from it’s infancy stages. To inspire people worldwide…to live their truth…and to do so while they are ALIVE. That journey brought me down this road. It was everything I previously intended to accomplish with BKR Crew. And it happened for a reason. A purpose. Don’t sell out…you are your biggest asset. Tell your story and save a life or two. And saving a life, could mean touching someones soul and awakening their heart and desire to live a purposeful life.

And that is exactly what I did. Tell my story. Unexpectedly, it had been heard by over 12 million people around the world, through social and mass media. The impact it made was incredible…There were lives that were changed and actually saved, because of my “near death” experience. How amazing is it, that my purpose in life is to serve, and it was fulfilled, just like that? Since then I was able to formulate how this was accomplished by strategically collaborating with brands, businesses and influencers, I can now do that for YOU. What’s your story? Let me help tell that story with BKR brand and help aspire you to inspire others. Let’s change the World together, one story at time…


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