Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the BKR Crew?

Join the Crew by adding blueprints to your daily adventures. 

What's a Blueprint?

We refer to our gear/clothing as "blueprints." Why? Blueprints are your foundation to be who you are and to spread our BKR message. Blueprints are not just ordinary articles of clothing, you are representing and supporting yourself and the others who are apart of the BKR crew.

Do you sponsor or have an ambassador program?

We do not do sponsorship's due to the fact that we want to keep the BKR Crew an equal opportunity for everyone. For discounts, subscribe to the "Crew News" at the bottom of our website.

How often do you upload a new Youtube video?

We do our best to upload weekly.

What is your Youtube channel?

Here is a link to our Youtube Channel:

You may also watch our adventures on our "Blogs" section of our website!

I collected all 6 Golden BKR Puzzle pieces for my FREE BKR Crew Tee; now what do I do?

Congrats on creating the BKR Golden Puzzle! Take a picture of your completed puzzle front and back and email us the picture at OR post one or both pictures on social media and tag us @bkr_crew along with #bkrpuzzle to receive your FREE BKR Crew Tee. Shipping address will be requested once your BKR Golden Puzzle is proven authentic to ship your free blueprint too.

What day and time does the BKR Crew blog come out?

Every Thursday night at 10pm Mountain Time.

How do I get my photos/art and testimonials apart of the BKR Crew blog?

Either tag us on social media and hashtag #bkrcrew or email us at with Subject "Blog" to get featured. Only appropriate material will be featured.

How can I be featured on your social media platforms?

We like to help the Crew out as much as possible with getting them exposure for spreading the BKR Crew's message. We do not guarantee we will repost your media/art but we do offer multiple ways for the rest of the BKR Crew to see your media/art. Pictures demonstrating our message and wearing BKR blueprints increase your chance of being featured.
1) Tag us and hashtag #bkrcrew on your social media. Links to our social media accounts are located at the bottom of our website.
2) Email us your media/art to with subject line "Big Kids Rule."
-Following one of the above instructions can get you featured on our social media platforms, on the "Crew News", on our weekly BKR Crew blog, etc.

How do I become apart of the BKR Worldwide Poster?

This is a guaranteed way to have your BKR Crew photos seen worldwide by other BKR Crew members!
Use either of the following methods to send us your photos:                                             
Email: with Subject line "BKR Crew Poster"                                            
Social Media: Tag us @bkr_crew and hashtag #bkrposter
*Only appropriate photos will be included in the BKR Worldwide Poster.  

What do your logos stand for?

Our BKR Logo stands for Big Kids Rule. It represents the Crew. Like our backwards B, your skills don't have to be limited to the skills customary to typical athletes. Your skills can be unique just like how our B can face any way it wants. Every talent you possess is special. There is no age requirement, no height requirement, nothing that can tell you what a Big Kid should be.
Our Mountains and Wave Logo represents the world and how we view it as our playground.

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